TreeMenu 1.0 (18.06.2004)

The increased content of the completely redesigned website required a new and improved navigation system. Because the navigation systems available from the internet did not match all of my requirements (support of multilingual sites, tooltips,...), TreeMenu was written.

The freely available program TreeMenu

The visitors can dynamically configure the settings of the menu (layout, last called page, ...) and save these informations in cookies. These settings can be restored the next time he returns. The use of cookies will be activated only if the browser accepts cookies or if the visitor asked for cookies explicitly. The 'TreeMenu' naturally should be used in frames. By changing the language the appropriate page of the new language will be loaded automatically if cookies are set. The visitor recognizes which page is loaded in the main-frame by an automatic selection of the related item in the menu-frame.

You find 'TreeMenu' here.

The Website is here.