Forum registrations temporary disabled (24.06.2007)

Due to massive spambot attacks, the forum registration and guest posting had to be suspended. At present there are about 50 spam registrations per day and although rapidly deleting the spam accounts approximately 20 spam posts occur daily. The associated expenditure of time for deleting all spam is not sufferable for me and i suspect unintentionally deleting upright members and their post. Thus only already registered members will be allowed to write new posts in the near future. Of course the forum remains readable for all.

If you want to register at the forum, please send me a short email. My email address is given in the imprint of the website. I will then perform the registration for you and reply you the necessary login informations. For safety reasons I then will ask you to change the password immediately. You can be sure that I will handle your email address confidential.

The bulletin board is here.

The website is here.