HpglDxf 1.0 (27.03.1999)

The program 'HpglDxf' is offered for free download on this website. For the usage a registration is required.

The program 'HpglDxf.exe enables converting data from hpgl-files to dxf. So the converter allows to import hpgl informations into CAD-programs and to further deal with them. Although not all commands of hpgl are supported HpglDxf usually is able to convert nearly all hpgl-informations into dxf-format. At the present hpgl/2 is not supported.

The converter HpglDxf is suitable for all operating systems offering a DOS emulation (DOS, Windows). It is started from the command-line. With windows the comfort of the usage can be increased by dealing with the file associations and with the context menu of the windows explorer. Converting files then can be reduced to confirm your default settings.

You find 'HpglDxf' here.

The Website is here.